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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Versatus?

Versatus is the Universal dApp Engine powering decentralized development beyond smart contracts. With Versatus, developers can develop, deploy, and dynamically scale full-stack applications in their preferred programming languages using their favorite development tools. Our mission is to contribute to decentralizing the web so users can reclaim their power, control, and privacy from the big corporations that currently dominate application, data, and web access.

2. What is Language-Agnostic Stateless Rollup (LASR)?

LASR is Versatus’ first product that solves for the shortage of Web3 developers by empowering them to use their existing skills to build Web3 programs. Using LASR, developers can write smart contracts in common programming languages (e.g., JavaScript, C++) and settle them on the chain of their choice (e.g., Ethereum).

3. Why is it important that Versatus is programming-language agnostic?

By letting developers program in the common languages they already know, Versatus eliminates the fragmentation in Web3 development. Rather than worrying about upskilling, developers can focus solely on developing killer apps.

4. Why is Versatus built around JSON in → JSON out?

The Versatus team aligns with the UNIX philosophy that direct human readability (DHR) is the key to making programming and debugging easy and transparent. JSON is unique in that, unlike every other encoding framework, it natively provides DHR. This means simpler, faster, and better debugging, tracing, and problem solving resulting in a developer experience that is lightyears ahead of everything else in the market.

5. What’s Versatus’ four-step programming framework?

Versatus uses the Create, Update, Transfer, Burn programming framework for managing tokens on chain. ”Create" introduces new tokens, "update" modifies their attributes, "transfer" addresses ownership changes, and "burn" permanently removes them, adjusting supply and potentially value. Using this streamlined approach, Versatus ensures secure and transparent digital asset lifecycle management.

6. What do we mean by ‘everything’s a token’?

At Versatus, we are working to make the promise of the versatility and adaptability of blockchain technology a reality. By enabling the tokenization of virtually any asset or right, blockchain can significantly alter how we trade, own, and manage assets, offering increased efficiency, security, and transparency compared to traditional systems. This concept is at the heart of the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement and the broader vision for a blockchain-powered future.

7. What’s next for Versatus?

We launched our betanet and put LASR into the hands of developers in early 2024. Next on our roadmap is improvements to LASR, scaling up our developer onboarding to welcome 10,000 Web2 devs to Web3, and getting 500 projects building on the Versatus network.

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